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The SupportingWater Straw™




The Supporting Water straw™ uses the latest state-of-the-art technology in water filtration. It uses a combination of three micro filters, activated charcoal and a patented, high purity metal alloy containing two dissimilar metals (containing positive and negative charges), that one wet, creates an 'Electrostatic Charge" that attracts contaminants and "Electroplates" them onto the Media Through process called "Electro Chemical Oxidation
This Combination of filters and technology is very effective and helps to reduce contaminants in water. The Supporting Water straw™ is not intended for use with any other type of liquids.Do not use with sodas, juice, alcohol,
coffee, tea or flavored waters.

The Supporting Water straw™ reduces such heavy metals as lead, mercury, hydrogen sulfide aluminum, arsenic, fluoride, cadmium and barium, in addition to chlorine, algae, fungus, scale, sediment and E-Coli.The Supporting Water straw™ will treat approximately five 8 ounce glasses of water a day for up to four to six months depending on the condition of the water.


Small enough to fit in your pocket, effective enough to reduce water contaminants for up to 6 months.The world's water supply, according to national statics from different publications and government studies, show all water is contaminated in some way.Therefore, for the consumer, the only safe way to have clean water is by utilizing some form of water filtration.The Supporting Water straw™ is a revolutionary new "IONIC WATER PURIFICATION SYSTEM" you can carry with you anywhere. It's truly an amazing water purification system in a straw!The Supporting Water straw™ comes with its own unique carrying case to hold and protect the straw between uses.The Supporting Water straw™ is available in a variety of colored mouth pieces, such as red, yellow, blue, green, white, black, pink, orange, etc, making it identifiable and personal.Now every member of the family can have their own special water filter in a straw. It's perfect for people on the go. Carry The Supporting Water straw™ with you wherever you
go, clean water anytime is just a sip away!